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Our mission is simple: to help your company become the best of the best. In your market, in your industry, in your country and worldwide. The best of the best and the role model for everyone else. To help you achieve this ambitious objective, we are developing and marketing our software products - Comprehensive Business Audit Workbench (CBAW) in three editions – for real sector companies, venture capital firms and direct equity firms and Executive Knowledge Management System (EKMS).

To become the best of the best, you need to radically increase the performance of your organization – from a typical 10-15% to at least 50% of its maximum. To achieve this ambitious objective and make a quantum leap in your corporate performance, you need to start with conducting a comprehensive analysis of your organization – a Comprehensive Corporate Audit (CCA). CCA will measure the aggregate performance of your company against the appropriate benchmarks and identify the areas in your organization that you need to radically improve to maximize your corporate performance..

After you conduct a comprehensive corporate audit of your organization, you will need to perform a Strategic Corporate Reengineering (SCR). SCR ensures that your organization has exactly the right system of corporate objects – products, brands, clients, employees, assets, functional units, etc.structured in exactly the right way and that performance of each of your corporate objects and the synergy between these objects is maximized.

CBAW is the tool that we designed to help you conduct a comprehensive analysis and strategic reengineering of your organization. CBAW is the only product on the market today that allows conducting a truly uniform and comprehensive CCA and SCR due to its unique core – our proprietary ODL methodology.

After you complete your SCR, you need to make sure that every manager and professional in your organization has access to just the right knowledge (not just information!) that he or she needs to make and execute the most effective and efficient decisions in his or her responsibility areas. Because in current ‘information era’ and ‘knowledge economy’ it is exactly lack of such knowledge, information overload and time wasted on searching for this knowledge that creates the most powerful drag on corporate performance.

In other words, you will need to develop a comprehensive corporate knowledge base and give to each manager and employee his or her individual ‘corporate cockpit’ – a ‘window’ into a comprehensive corporate knowledge base according to a ‘need-to-know’ principle.

Our EKMS software EKMS (due to its ODL core) is the only product on the market today that allows building a truly uniform and comprehensive corporate knowledge base and a truly comprehensive system of ‘corporate cockpits’.




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